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It’ll come as no surprise to you I am sure, to find out that this web site is all about sports.

My aim is to load it up with sports stories of all types and styles. If you’ll find stories that are associated with sports, I’ll write about it so long as I consider it worthy of being added in this blog.

I’m not only taking a look at sports topics since I would also include articles stating how sports can influence our society in general. You’ll find plenty of examples of where sports have pulled contradictory segments of society together and you’ll find equally many stories of where sporting rivalry spills over into political or religious confrontations.

I’m not here to judge whether that’s a valuable thing or a bad thing, for me that just shows the passion that could accompany the world of sports.

It has been many years since I first began writing on the web. In that time, it was only a means for me to express my feelings and love for sport in general to a bigger audience.

This blog started from extremely humble beginnings. In the past, I’m working full-time in a specific business and I’m writing on my sports blog site when I have some spare time. I have become very lucky to see that my little blog has already grown into something more substantial.

If you’d like to start your own blog site, I am going to give you some words of wisdom that can help you.

Do not every give up. It’ll not be very simple to establish a new internet site that may become an authority right away. It’ll also be challenging to have something which people will stop by regularly. So have a clear goal in mind as which will surely help you keep going when things seem particularly tough.

You shouldn’t expect too much. If your motivation to begin a web site is to become rich overnight then you will almost undoubtedly end up disappointed. When I began I had no idea that this would turn into a full-time income for me and whether it did or did not was not important. The best thing that you can do is to change your motivation and focus it on sharing your experience and knowledge about something.

The best reward for the time and effort I spend on this blog site would your feedback and comments. I am going to certainly encourage or even plead with you to tell me your reaction on the content that I released on the web site. It does not matter if you agree or don’t agree with the posts as long as you will send a reaction. I am really excited to reply to your remarks or feedbacks. You should inform me which sports you really wish to read and I am open to suggestions as long as they are linked to sports.

I am also open to any guest posts. After all, that is exactly how I got began myself. If you have any views or ideas that you want to contribute, you need to allow me to have them. I am going to read all the articles that you will send in and provide my own constructive criticism and suggestions. If the article is really good, I will absolutely publish it with full credits back to you as the author.

So welcome to my web site, I hope you find your time here well spent and hope to see you return regularly to enjoy in the wonderful world of sports with me.